About Us

Welcome to the AestheticsArmy.co.uk

We're a proud community of individuals who take pride in their appearances and over all mind/body/soul. 

We offer some of the best online up to date in app training experiences where you'll be warmly welcomed onboard by your set trainer and will have access to a community of like minded individuals. Search "Training" to find out what programs we currently have with in depth descriptions.

We also offer a wide variety of High Quality originals and collaboration pieces. Browse our store and see what upgrades you could make to your street or gym style this year.

We take pride in who we are. To see extra's and to get a chance to stay in our loop with the latest discounts, changes or discussions follow our instagram - @officialaestheticsarmy. You may be able to talk on a personal level with the brand, we do not use AI. We're human and would love to hear from you!

Go explore our collection! 

GODs are among us.


Founder of AestheticsArmy